Angel Therapy Practitioner & Medium

~ Guidance and messages of love, support and insight ~

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Who Am I?

Glynis Dinsdale is an Angel Therapy Practitioner and Medium – (Doreen Virtue), Reiki Master and Feng Shui Master Practitioner (Malaysia). Glynis founded Angelways Angel and Spiritual School to assist others on their spiritual journey and path and to develop their talents and gifts. Glynis has been interviewed on radio shows, written magazine articles and given many public talks to inspire others about living with the Angels every day.

Angelways Angel and Spiritual School teaches the development of one’s intuition and psychic abilities, to learn to connect and communicate with the Angels and Guides, to do angel card readings and to become an Angel Practitioner and medium.

Glynis is a Spiritual Teacher and counsellor and through Angel Card Readings passes on guidance and messages of love, support and insight from the Angels, Reiki and Spirit guides.

During the Angel Card Reading many shifts occur – balancing and healings happen through the use of Angel Therapy and Reiki, the removal of blockages and obstacles in your path, renewed hope and clarity for the future, feelings of increased energy, inspiration, happiness, joy and peace and above all, the knowingness that the Angels love and support you at all times.

Glynis holds regular Reiki courses for the development of one’s psychic and healing ability so that a clear channel may be created to Source, enabling Love and Light to shine through one’s heart and to lift one’s vibration and energy frequencies to a higher level.

Glynis is available for Feng Shui consultations to assist in achieving goals and also teaches courses on Feng Shui so that you can shift the energy in your home or office to obtain the results you desire.


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