Aromatherapy & Face & Body Massage

-release, flow, rejuvenate-

Who am I?

Lindel Wilson 0741227991

With 12 years experience in massage and bodywork, I am also trained in health and skincare with an ITEC and CIDESCO qualification.

Having studied aromatherapy and discovering the wonders of essential oils, I have been an avid user of them both in my personal and work life. By combining massage oils and essential oils I am able to share the perfect synergy for wellbeing through my work. I feel it a great honor to be able to gain the complete trust of stranger through the gift of one’s hands, simply by treating them with compassion, respect and unconditional positive regard.

As a holistic practitioner passionate about body work, aromas, midwifery and peace, I feel aligned and privileged to be doing what I love.


Techniques I use

· Aromatherapy Massage
· Swedish Massage
· Reflexology
· Lymphatic drainage
· Trigger point techniques

I take both the physical and emotional state of my clients into account and work intuitively using a combination of the different massage styles that would best suit each individual.

 Why people come to me

It may be for relief of chronic physical pain or simply for a well deserved treat. I provide a quiet caring relaxing space in which you can completely let go. Through either your own specific choice in treatment or simply to trust in my hands, together we work towards balance and wellbeing.