Sacred Sexual Awakening for Women


This work is for women of all ages who are seeking a deeper intimacy in their current relationship, a longing to be in a loving relationship, healing their sexuality, awakening their sexuality, loving their bodies, igniting their creative potential!



· One-on-one sessions – 8 session commitment.
· Group Workshops with between 8 and 16 women – one evening a week for 8 weeks.
· Nature Retreats – 3 to 5 days.

We cover these themes

· Come into your body.. feel comfortable in your skin, learn how to love your body.
· Meeting and healing your inner child. Becoming aware of your inner critic.. the part of you that criticises and puts you down.
· Connecting with the elements and feeling them move through your sexuality as pure life force.
· How your sexuality has been shaped by your family, relationships, media, religion. Reshaping your sexuality where you become the subject rather than the object of you sexuality.
· The sexual archetypes… virgen / whore / women’s union and how these play out in your relating with men.
· Meeting your inner masculine and seeing how the men in your life are a gift for growth and healing.
· Getting clear on what feels good for you… seeing what you don’t want in your sexuality and intimate partnership and calling in what you do want in your sexuality and intimate partnership.

Physical Practice

Each week we will do a physical practice where I guide you into your physical body using breath and awareness, then into your subtle body where you access the love in your heart and sacred sexual essence in your yoni.

About Juliet Haines (Your Facilitator)


Juliet is a trained facilitator in “Sexual Awakening for Women” founded Dr Shakti Malan. She created the Beginnings Wellness Centre and runs a successful raw superfood snack business. She is passionate about the awakening of the true feminine through women’s sexuality and believes SHE is a light for awakening in the world. Her career started graduating with an Honours Degree in Marketing, then working in Corporate feeling disconnected from her body and creativity, and in a relationship where her sexuality was closed down. Since the sacred feminine has woken up through Juliet all the forms have changed in her life where she is now living more from the truth in her heart.

Juliet Haines, 082 404 6922,


Sue’s Experience – Graphic Designer and Mother
“This work is helping me to live my life from the love in my heart, from a more alive and aware place of deep knowing. It’s helping me to let go of old blocks buried deep in my subconscious. My relationships with my loved ones – my children and friends are becoming easier and deeper. Juliet, you have been a real gift in my life – thank you!”

Karen’s Experience – Executive and Mother
“Thank You last night, I am still a little in awe of my experiences the freedom and the liberation that flowed through my body is unbelievable and as I’m writing this email the space below my heart and above my yoni is glowing/tingling and I think even smiling.”

Ceinwen’s Experience – Student of Oceanography
“This journey over the last six weeks has been a true blessing, a gift. I asked the universe a question and although i may not have the answer, i have gained the tools to continue the search more deeply, openly and courageously. Thank you to each one of you for sharing your stories, feelings and vulnerabilities it has really inspired me to connect with the people I love and care about on a much deeper level. Thank you Juliet for holding such a beautiful space for us and sharing your amazing gift. I feel like every women needs to experience your workshops!”

Nicole’s Experience – Yoga Teacher and Mother
“YinEssence Woman’s Workshop had a deeply profound effect on me, my life and how I deal with day to day things.
It allowed me to really step into my feminine, the softness gentleness of being. It taught me to look deeper within and left me with a feeling and sense of peace no matter how busy my day or schedule it felt like a piece of cake with nothing being too much or unmanageable. However if I felt that there was something I couldn’t or didn’t want to take on it was okay for me to say no and acknowledge my limits & boundaries. Truly connecting with myself, mother earth and all that surrounds us is what keeps me connected and grounded in order to be a good mother, friend, daughter & yoga teacher.

Maree’s Experience – Teacher
“During your workshop my most beautiful true self, in one of the meditations I met myself as love. I remember this state so clearly and I can always come back home to this place inside of me. Doing this work with you I was able to let go of a relationship that was not serving me and I manifested my true hearts desire to go traveling.”

Vida’s Experience – Marketing and Advertising Student
“You have helped me to access the love that I am, to make really difficult decisions, to love my body and to follow my true hearts desires in life.”

“Sexuality can be a vehicle for consciousness, the awakening of the full realization of who we really are.” Dr Shakti Malan