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Jann du Venage, 0825667676, jann@capetownhypnosis.co.za, www.capetownhypnosis.co.za

unnamedWho am I

I started my career as a teacher which is where I first really experienced how perceptions of ourselves can either sabotage and limit us or help us to soar, and really lead the lives we were destined to. I have since used hypnotherapy ( since 2004 ) to help others to overcome these limitations or misperceptions, to overcome fears and phobias, to become the confident people they were meant to be, and want to be. My psychology background allows for a wide range of expertise.

Qualifications, Bachelor of Arts, WITS and UNISA, Psychology major
SAIH, certified Master Hypnotist and Hypnotherapist

Techniques I use

My approach is person centred. I use hypnosis to access the sub-conscious mind. The sub-conscious mind holds all our fears, perceptions, ways of behaving, beliefs etcetera. I use a number of techniques, based on what the person wants and what his or her needs/preferences are, for example, some clients do not want to delve into their past to solve problems or issues in the present so I would use, a combination of CBT and NLP. I also use Parts therapy as well as Motivational Interviewing / Cartesian Questions, again depending on what the person needs and wants.
Special Interests

Weight loss, insomnia, self-esteem, confidence, past lives, stop smoking, all addictions, phobias, past trauma, grief, getting over a relationship, anger management, stress management, focus and concentration, sexual issues, improving sports performance, memory enhancement, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, physical wellbeing, nail biting, stuttering, public speaking, and anything that you feel is beyond your control to change.