Shamanic-Thai-Massage Bodyworker

-expand, release and transform-

bernardDr. Bernhard Wolfgang Schwanitz tel: 0749582226

Who am I?

That’s a hard question…My name is Bernhard Wolfgang and I am a passionate young man following his heart. I want to love this world with the amazement of a young spirit. The gift of shamanic healing has been passed down in my family for many generations. My roots lie in the Celtic, Mongolian and Northern American traditions. I studied the natural world for more than 16 years finishing with a PhD degree in natural science from ETH in Switzerland. I like to combine my heart and my brain to balance the scientific and the spiritual worlds, which are all one seen through different eyes. So besides my massage therapy work I am a public speaker on science, consciousness and spirituality. I gained my theoretical and practical experience by traveling and living in many different countries like Nepal, Thailand, Germany, New Zealand, Switzerland, USA, Taiwan and South Africa.

I trained in Thailand with two qualified teachers from What Pha Medical school, Yan and Yasmin. Yasmin worked with Thai-Yoga-Massage in a hospital for 14 years and Yan has taught Thai-Yoga-Massage at university in London and Thailand. Currently I am training in the Eastern Cherokee shaman tradition, Crows Nest Community.

Techniques I use

· Thai-Yoga Massage and Therapy (Acupressure points, stretches)
· Sound, movement, incense and breath
· Different body relaxation techniques
· Reiki
· Positive affirmations
· Crystals and singing bowl

Why people come to see me

Depending on your needs I combine the above mentioned techniques intuitively. Some people just want a nice stretch. Others need some stress and pain release in their muscles and nerve system. Other people want to go deeper and release some old emotions that are stored in the subconscious mind, body and nerve system. And some experience a deep journey were they let go of dense and negative memories and spirits of their present or past live. You might get visions, or fall into a deep state of relaxation. I really just provide a save and sacred container combined with a lot of love and compassion for you to let go of any kind of tensions, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

A Shamanic Thai-Yoga-Massage is good for you if you have:

Headaches, migrane, joints, muscles, back, neck, shoulder, feet, legs, stomach pain; depression, anxiety, restlessness, anger, spiritual attachments … or you just need some soul food.


I have had several sessions with Bernhard. His calm caring manner made me feel very comfortable the first time I met him. I find his touch conscious and present. His treatments are healing and I feel great shifts during and after our sessions. My lower back no longer hurts and I also find my circulation has improved dramatically since I started working with him. He is a natural & very powerful healer with a tremendous gift and I would highly recommend his treatments to anyone.

— Michelle

Bernhard’s treatments have always been a great holistic benefit for me. Each session is unique and very individual, weather I just got a pain in my neck, or it’s up to solve real deep mental problems, Bernhard’s the right man for me. His lovely and charming personality makes me feel comfortable from the beginning, which allows me to just open my heart and let go. I highly recommend Bernhard’s sessions to everybody. Thank you so much!

— Michael

Bernhard has given me a series of treatments. His healing touch, power and deep spiritual connection has reduced my high anxiety and freed up my spirit from past hurts. I have moved from a state of perpetual negativity and misery to one of positive optimism and the ability to face my challenges in a strong and comfortable manner. I went for the treatment as a result of high stress levels and a diagnosis of a neurological condition. Following the treatment, some of my symptoms are less prominent and there has been no deterioration of my condition in the two months between my neurological assessments. Bernhard also did a distance healing session and I was able to physically feel his work during this powerful session without physical or verbal contact. I am happy to recommend his treatment as it has certainly impacted positively on me.

— Steward