Tantric Inquiry, Touchwork & Somatic Bodywork, Transformation & Intimacy Coaching

“Before we can drop our habitual defences and let ourselves be intimate, we must feel safe, knowing that we’re met with love, respect and care. This is often less simple than it sounds: but once you can trust, you experience an emotional de-armouring – a dropping away of hard outer layers to reveal more of the human inside – that allows intimacy with yourself and others.”

Dharma Leela | 0763644838 | Soulroutes.weebly.com | exploring.me101@gmail.com

Who am I?

I am a transformation coach & embodiment facilitator, supporting you in the process of discovering and uncovering your own unique deliciousness & numinous heart-song.

Naturally curious, I consider myself an explorer. I will travel with you through all the avenues of your being, the highways and byways, deepening your connection to body, heart and soul.

Techniques I use

I am trained in and draw inspiration from various modalities such as Traditional massage, Kashmiri Massage, Tantric Touchwork & Philosophy, Meditation & Breathwork, Plant medicine, Integral Life-coaching and Movement practices.

Working intuitively, I incorporate some or all of these elements to release stuck and stagnant energy in the body. Cultivating a deep state of relaxation through these practices supports the repatterning of the nervous system, retraining the body, mind and heart to work cohesively and synergistically. Occasionally, I include sacred Cacao to facilitate and support this process.

Why people come to me

I offer a space for you to deeply connect to yourself, explore questions, desires, interests and issues around your SELF, life and intimacy. Here, you can experiment with new steps towards passion, vulnerability and power.

Integrative Coaching Sessions are a combination of Talk therapy, Meditation, Touchwork and Sacred Medicine – a journey of discovery, transcendence, deep healing and reconnection with Self. My style of coaching invites you to move beyond shame, clarify your needs and boundaries, to live an emotionally connected and embodied life, and experience the joy of authentic intimacy.

Each session is different so we may be in silence & stillness in one session, movement & embodiment in the next and/or processing & clarifying through talking in another.

I invite you into the depths of Cosmic feminine love and the deeply delicious sensuality of being fully embodied.